OneStep Spot Kit

OneStep Spotting Kit

#188001: One 3-Part Kit
#188002: Case of 6 Kits

One-Step Spot Kit was developed with the homeowner in mind. Now you can provide professional strength spotting materials to your customers without the re-soiling and bleaching effect of consumer products. RESALE ITEM.

The Kit contains:

  1. General Spotter #1 for water based spills and spots
  2. Dry Spotter #2 for grease and oil based spots
  3. Absorbent Powder #3, an extremely absorbent compound used to absorb spills and pet accidents or as a final step in spot removal to prevent wicking of spills.



The container has a consumer spotting guide with easy to follow instructions indicating which product to use for a wide variety of spots and spills.

The kit also contains a spotting towel.

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