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MasterForce Portable

The portable that goes anywhere and does everything. 

MasterForce Portable Extractor

Order your MasterForce from an Authorized Distributor. 

Operator's Manual

Operator's Manual

Proven performance in components.

Lightweight, easy to maneuver, easy to load, and easy to go upstairs.

Comes in three attractive powers with many options:

  • Model 222 has two 2-stage vacuums (one cord),
  • Model 223 has two 3-stage vacuums (two cords), and
  • Model 222H heater option (two cords).
  • Model 503 has two 3-stage vacs. Optional automatic pump-out (can handle flood situations with 20 gallons per minute capabilities) and automatic water fill and chemical feed system. The 500 PSI pump is a true 1.5 gallon per minute pump (like a truck mount).
  • Model 1203 comes with one 2-stage and one 3-stage vacuum. The auto pump-out and automatic water fill and chemical feed system are standard. The MasterForce has the ability to do everything from upholstery to carpet to stone, tile, and grout.



  • 13-gallon solution tank and 11-gallon waste tank
  • 12" rear foam wheels
  • 25-foot industrial-grade electrical cord
  • Dimensions: 31"L x 23.5W x 43"H


The MasterForce comes with 25 feet of vacuum and solution hoses and a two-jet S wand with a 1200 PSI valve.

Optional automatic pump-out and automatic fill with chemical feed are available on all models. The pump-out can handle flood situations with up to 20 gallons per minute capabilities. The optional pump-out and water fill hoses are each 50 feet in length.

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