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Traffic Lane Cleaner

High pH Carpet Prespray

Traffic Lane Cleaner

#110105: Gallon
#110106: Case of 4 Gallons
#110107: 5-Gallon Jug
#110108: 30-Gallon Drum
#110109: 55-Gallon Barrel

Traffic Lane Cleaner is a superior high pH carpet prespray formulated to be effective and safe to use. High pH formulation facilitates quick removal of soils and stains which resist ordinary cleaners. It is an advanced, powerful traffic lane cleaner/prespray that is aggressive on heavily soiled conditions of grease, soil, and food. Traffic Lane Cleaner contains no butyl cellosolve; making it safer to use and yet fast acting. Cleans with a pleasing lemon scent.

  • High pH formulation
  • Aggressive on heavily soiled conditions of grease, soil, and food.
  • Contains no butyl cellosolve.
  • Lemon scented

Ready to use pH is 11.5


Mix one part Traffic Lane Cleaner with 10 parts hot water (12 oz. per gallon).

Mix well and apply to carpet.

For best results use undiluted with an in-line pressure sprayer and agitate with a pile brush or rake.

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