Allergy Solutions Sales Aids

The ideal way to promote your business and to get new sales from existing customers. Allergy Relief Services are a great resource for additional revenue and a great benefit to your customers.



Large Consumer brochure.

#600008: Full-size consumer brochure. Pack of 25.

Download a low-resolution PDF

Consumer Brochure (Trifold)

Trifold Consumer Brochure

A great leave-behind. 
#600007: Tri-fold consumer brochure. Pack of 100.

A free low-resolution brochure available.

Special Report

28-page Special Report for professional cleaners.

 Learn how Anti-Allergen Services can be an important source of revenue.

#600009: Special Report, 28 pages. Each.

Free low-resolution report. 

Contact your distributor for information about ordering these sales aids. 

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