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Wool Fiber Protector

Repel Wool Fiber Protector

#130505: 6-pound Jar
#130506: Case of 4, 6-pound Jars

Repel Wool Fiber Protector is a time-tested compound designed to inhibit and retard wool disintegration from organic sources.

  • Prevents Wool Degradation
  • Contains Magnesium Silicofluoride.

Ready to use pH is 3.1



Mix 1/2 scoop of Repel and 1 cap of Oriental Rug Shampoo with one-gallon water.
Apply to clean wool carpet or rugs at the rate of 400 square feet per gallon.

A dense pile will require more product. Area rugs should be sprayed on both sides and especially the edges for adequate protection.

Brush pile after applying Repel.

Do not breathe powder when mixing.

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