A Comprehensive Guide to Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning

By Ellen Amirkhan and Aaron Groseclose

Oriental & Specialty Rug Cleaning "Mega-Resource" - Now in its 10th printing!

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  •  History of Oriental Rugs
  •  Fibers and Dyes
  •  Construction of Machine-Made Rugs
  •  Specialty Rugs
  •  Hand-Knotted Rugs; Construction and Design
  •  Persian Rugs
  •  Tribal Rugs
  •  Other Countries Producing Hand-Knotted Rugs
  •  Road Map to Rug Identification
  •  Chemistry of Rug Cleaning
  •  Rug Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  •  Rug Cleaning
  •  Plant Operations and Procedures
  •  Rug Spotting
  •  Problems and Solutions
  •  Additional Services
  •  Appraisals
  •  Resources
  • Glossary
Michael T. Jatoft

At Dry Concepts, we pride ourselves on our commitment to training every week in all three divisions of our company.  The in-plant rug cleaning operation which has a full-time crew of five.  This crew reads A Comprehensive Guide to Oriental and Specialty Rug Cleaning out loud, cover to cover, and stops periodically to review what they have read.  The wealth of knowledge we have been exposed to has elevated our staff to a competence level that is unmatched in our market.  This book has allowed me to plan our training program consistently, week-to-week, without having to agonize over planning what to teach.  It’s a “no-brainer!”   With all the photographs and explanations of all facets of this business, this book is a must read for anyone serious about cleaning rugs.  I can’t thank Ellen and Aaron enough for putting this book together. 


Michael T. Jatoft Dry-Concepts Davie Florida 33328

This 19-chapter mega-resource is the first of its kind written for the rug cleaning professional.

Many books have been written on oriental rugs with an emphasis on history, structure, culture and identification with cleaning as an afterthought.  Many of these authors have limited firsthand experience with the challenges of day-to-day commercial rug cleaning and repair.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is serious about rug cleaning.

– George G.

Of particular interest to the restoration industry, this book covers effective procedures for handling smoke damaged, sewage, mold and fungal contaminated rugs. This information is new, has not appeared elsewhere, and was written specifically for this book.

Over 900 photographs, maps and drawings illustrate how to inspect and clean rugs most commonly encountered in a rug cleaning business. Drawing upon their years of cleaning, teaching, appraising, and visiting the most respected and successful companies in the country, the authors' combined research with firsthand knowledge in developing the most comprehensive guide in the rug cleaning industry.

The book has practical how-to steps for identifying problem rugs, inspection procedures, cleaning methods and how to set up a rug cleaning facility. Your knowledge is the best marketing tool in building your business.

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